Z Flow is created by an experienced team of people that have been involved in product design, engineering, software design and engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management. We have spent over a decade crafting workflow solutions that bring people, systems and process together.

Z Flow is the culmination of our decade long effort to create the simplest and most effective workflow solution in the market. The tag line for Z Flow says it all; Do the Right Thing, At the Right Time, with the Right People.

Z Flow is quite possibly the best and most capable people-centric workflow solution in the market. It is designed to be very simple to set up, implement and operate. And best of all, it is affordableeasy to adopt, and loved by users.

We derive inspiration from diverse organizations and people that obsess over customer success and service. Our goal is to be transparent and easy to work with, eliminate waste and get to helping and serving our customers as soon as possible 100% of the time. We succeed only when our customers succeed. And that’s all there is to it, folks.

Key Team Members

Kris Gorrepati, Founder and Head of Product

Kris leads the strategic direction of Z Flow. Kris has over 2 decades of experience in new product development, manufacturing, supply chain and with the enterprise software, automotive and high-tech industries. Kris held senior management roles at SAP and Samsung Data Systems, and operational roles at Ford and Caterpillar. Kris has an MBA from UCLAAnderson and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech. Kris obsesses over his 3-point shooting percentage, which is stuck below 30% for a very long time.


Dev Gude, Founder and CTO

Dev is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Z Flow. Dev has over 2 decades of experience with enterprise/cloud software development and engineering, business process management, product lifecycle management and factory automation solutions. Dev held senior management roles at Samsung Data Systems, Niku and ABB.