Z Flow – Based on 100% Open Source Technology

Z Flow is the only comprehensive workflow management solution on the market that is 100% based on open source technology. The prerequisites to run Z Flow include

  • mySQL (although you can also use Oracle, SQLServer, Google Cloud SQL or AWS RDS as the database)
  • Tomcat 8.0 (although you can also use IBM WebSphere and WebLogic. Are they still around?)

mySQL and Tomcat are standard free components of practically all public and private cloud platforms. Z Flow itself is a J2EE application that runs in Tomcat Servlet engine. All of the libraries that are used as part of Z Flow are 100% open source (typically Apache or MIT license). Z Flow is so light that it can even run on free tier virtual machines of AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

You can save yourself a lot of MONEY and TIME by going to with Z Flow and it is even simpler now with Z Flow Free Starter Edition.